Aerial Services

UAV Images specializes in Agricultural Surveys and Aerial Photography as well as Video Production in and around Southern Africa. UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicle) or Drones offer a unique advantage for aerial work compared to the full scale aircraft (Cost, Altitude limits and time being a few). They are very manoeuvrable and easily deployed in minimal time.

We can carry most types of cameras from pocket cameras, sports/action cameras, security cameras to DSLR and IR/Thermal cameras. We utilize our own cameras but if need be we can utilise your camera if required. Getting a different perspective can make a difference. Different angles and hard to get places become easier with our UAV’s. Our UAV’s are Multicopters, Planes and Helicopters, all controlled remotely.

Our drones are capable of flying between 12 minute intervals at a time to over 1 hour at a time. Safety is of most importance when flying the drones and we are fully insured. Our drones can perform many tasks including security surveillance, rioting, search and rescue, inspection of cranes, wind turbines, commercials, factory inspections, bridge inspections, 360 degree panaromic views and many more applications.

Many of the tasks are also controlled flying GPS waypoints, giving us the opportunity to return and capture the same view but at a later stage for comparison.

Different platforms will determine the drone being used.