UAV Images in conjunction with Data into Profit integrate crop images into their software, Crop Manager and Agworld.

UAV Images use drones to capture images, rather than fixed wings which are expensive to hire, and then convert the image into data. This data gives the farmer a number of advantages:

Crop Manager

Crop Manager is a next generation, web-based decision support application, which delivers predictive information to the agriculture industry.

Enhances your historical data

By applying innovative computational intelligence, Crop Manager merges your valuable historical data with the new data sets that are being delivered by all the emerging technologies within the agriculture industry.

Creates a valuable asset in your business

Agronomists and other advisors are able to record their own Intellectual Property ("IP") into Crop Manager and then make this available to their extended client base without giving away their IP.

Applies enhanced data to any size growing area

Crop Manager combines all of this data, expertise and knowledge for you. It allows you to link your new data asset to your entire area of operation or any growing area.

Continually learns and adapts

Crop Manager learns and adapts from every new input and will continually improve your new data asset for each growing area.

This easy to use system ensures that everyone involved in growing a particular crop in a specific growing area, are all aware of the performance and requirements of this crop, today and into the future.

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Data Into Profit successfully launched Agworld to the South African agricultural industry on 1 October 2011.

Agworld was originally developed in Australia for the Australian agri market, but has been successfully adapted for the South African market. “The response has been fantastic”. “In this short space of time, in excess of 30 agents and over 200 registered growers have registered “, said Clive Eksteen, MD Data Into Profit South Africa. South Africa is the first territory outside of Australia where Agworld has been rolled out.

Agworld is the complete system for an entire Agribusiness, because it is independent, online and secure.

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