Aerial Services

UAV Images was founded in 2012 by Derek Crookes and Clive Eksteen, when it became apparent that Satellites had many draw backs. This was very apparent especially relating to taking photographs of agricultural crops soon after germination and when there was cloud cover over the site which was to be photographed. Since starting the company there have been many other requirements for the use of UAV’s (Drones) - See Aerial Services, which the company has become very familiar with due to the continuing demand for drones.

Clive Eksteen has over 20 years of marketing experience and has been involved in the agricultural industry for the last 5 years developing products for the farming community to integrate their crops and livestock into a formalised Data base to help improve their financial returns.

Derek Crookes has over 20 years of experience of flying radio controlled aircraft. He also has an interest in agriculture, having lived on a farm for over 27 years and combining his flying experience. Derek was also a founder of Ideal CFDs in 2005, a brokerage who offered CFDs as a derivative, to clients who wanted to trade the derivative market when CFDs was in its infancy and virtually unheard of. Ideal CFDs was bought out by IG Markets in 2010